"The team leader with supervisory responsibility skills training we received from Everest was outstanding. The General Manager has seen a noticeable change in my communication with other team leaders." Comptroller, Home Health Care Org.

"I wish I had attended this training three years ago when I became a team leader." Team Leader, Land Development Consultants

Just yourself? Learn about our highly effective and rewarding one-on-one Coaching program for the plant floor leaders.

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Supervisory Skills Development Training

Learn the Role, Responsibilities, and Effective Qualities of Plant / Shop Floor Team Leaders

One-on-One Coaching or with a Team

Major focus:

  1. Use Personal Behavioral Styles (DISC) to self-assess, read others, and adapt to 15 different communication and motivational needs

  2. Six elements of goals, responsibilities, and performance expectations

  3. Manage the business with six savvy business acumen skills

  4. Four elements of positive feedback

  5. Four ways to confront when expectations are not met

  6. Understand union organizing strategies and tactics and what to do about it

  7. Make decisions and take action even with ambiguities

  8. Three ways to control self and others when dealing with conflict and irrational behavior

As organizations reduce management levels and flatten out the organization chart, factory floor team leader and supervisor skills become a major component in effective delivery of products and services. And in many cases when promoted from within, the understand of role, behavior qualities, and approaches are perpetuated by new supervisory team leaders "intuitively" using supervisory type skills that they feel are the most effective approach. Our research-based proven successful skills and techniques equip team leaders to meet responsibilities with an approach needed in the 21st century. Our training course modules are designed to address the responsibilities of front-line team leader with the skills to coach rather than tell, to neutralize energy draining conflict, to counsel less than satisfactory behavior, and empower and support innovative thinking using the language of business. The command and control culture must give way to a more team oriented environment. We provide the front line team leader / supervisor with the skills to exhibit behavior consistent with this team oriented culture.

Front-line supervisory skills, knowledge, and abilities:

  • Describe effective supervisory and team leader skills as they apply to today's work environment.
  • Manage the business with financial acumen skills for cost efficiency.
  • Use an understanding of communication styles to develop strategies for applying effective social interpersonal skills to relationships in the workplace.
  • Apply motivational insights to formulate a plan to maximize the achievement and contribution of each employee to become a top performer and neutralize organizing efforts.
  • Support innovation, quality, and continuous improvement with financially sound ideas and initiatives
  • Help employees set goals, objectives, strategies and means of measurement for effective planning and decision-making.
  • Recognize and reward performance that meets expectations.
  • Counsel with employees to implement developmental performance improvement plans to improve weak areas.
  • Overcome resistance to counseling.
  • Use modern coaching skills to maximize performance.
  • Mentor top performers for career development.
  • Describe the sources of conflict and strategies to neutralize conflict.
  • Give and receive feedback to understand needs and interests.
  • Conduct effective tail-boarding and team meetings.
  • Implement disciplinary actions within the context of legalities.
  • Analyze business processes and procedures to effect performance improvement and cost savings.

Delivery method:

  • One-on-one coaching
  • National / annual Associate meeting topics with break out sessions
  • Classroom instruction emphasizing technique practice with role-plays and case studies

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