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Interpersonal Communication Skills

Team Leader / Supervisory Skills Training

Business Development Training Programs

Everest Training and Consulting is a Michigan based training organization that supports sustainable business skill development as a strategic tool for organic growth. We specialize in team member competency skill training workshops designed for specific industries and use traditional classroom instruction, technology based delivery, and one-on-one coaching for a cost effective adult learning experience that gets results.

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  • Instructor led online training
  • One-on-one executive coaching
  • National / annual sales meeting topics with break out sessions
  • Classroom instruction emphasizing technique practice with role-plays and case studies

Value Based, Professional Sales Techniques and Skills Training

Today’s environment requires a business minded, innovation approach to selling when focusing on the sustainability of a customer relationship and on attracting new customers to expand marketshare. Using the language of business our value based sales techniques training courses outlined on this site are designed for the sales professional that needs to focus on uncovering the financially based value, as perceived by the customer, of the solution.

Interpersonal Communication Skills Training

Years of employee surveys continue to show that interpersonal communication skills – great social skills, or lack of interpersonal communication skills, up and down the organization are a significant source of dissatisfaction and low morale. Improving these interpersonal communication skills produces improvement and sustainability in organization performance.

Leadership Skills Training

With today’s global challenges, leadership skills have taken on a new meaning. We focus on business leadership skills, such as logic, emotion, and credibility, that truly establish one as a leader that guides others to a goal.

Front Line Team Leader Skills Training

The front line, plant floor / factory team leader’s role is one of the hardest to master. And usually with the least amount of skills training. Positioned between the demands of upper management and workers (in some cases organized) the front line team leader must exhibit qualities that create and sustain good relationships with the operators and also be a no-nonsense team leader focused on meeting quality, safety, and production numbers. FMC BioPolymer discovered that our team leader skills training course provided the tools to help team leaders meet these responsibilities. We also offer targeted, one-on-one coaching for production floor team leaders, as experienced by Gerdau MACSTEEL, that can be a cost effective way to learn how to use all the tools.

Business (Financial) Acumen

Does your professional work force make timely financially astute decisions?

Are your Leaders, Managers, and front-line Supervisors unaware of the financial consequences affected by their actions?

Today, whether a public company or  if you are owned by a private investment company, your Leaders, Managers, and front-line Supervisors must know the language of business to justify and get approval for initiatives focused on innovation, quality, and continuous improvement

Keep Focused:

“A persuasive message includes: reasoning (logic), emotions, and credibility.” — Aristotle